We provide advanced Mobile Service Chip Level Training course in Chennai. Our range of advanced syllabus gives you an in depth knowledge of the course and makes you job ready.
We have qualified staffs and infrastructure for the Mobile and Tablet Repairing courses.
Below are the details of the syllabus we cover for the course.

History of mobiles
All Course Details


Level 1

arrow Principles for Quality Management
arrow Mobile generations and timeline
arrow Mobile Parts and its Description
arrow Battery, Charger and Processor Comparison
arrow OS and UI Comparison
arrow Fundamentals of electrical and electronics
arrow Resistor - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Capacitor - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Inductor - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Transformer - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Diode - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Transistor - Definition, Types, Applications.
arrow Working with Multi-meter
arrow Open and Closed circuits
arrow Series and Parallel circuits
arrow Circuit and Schematic diagrams

Level 2

arrow Instruction and easy tips
arrow How to use Soldering station
arrow How to use DC power supply
arrow Procedure and Tips for perfect soldering
arrow Practise - Soldering and Desoldering
arrow Smoothing - Smoothing the PCB pads
arrow Jumpering - Jumper damaged tracks
arrow Assessment - Soldering and Desoldering
arrow How to use Hot air Blower
arrow Temperature adjustments, Techniques
arrow Practise - Remove and Refix SMD Resistors
arrow Practise - Remove and Refix SMD Capacitors
arrow Practise - Remove and Refix SMD Inductors
arrow Practise - Remove and Refix Different types of IC's
arrow Practise - Remove and Refix Different types of Connectors
arrow Assessment - Remove and Refix components using Blower

Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy
Mr Service Academy

Level 3

arrow Handset Identification
arrow Analysing Hardware & Software issues
arrow Handset Problem and its Solution
arrow Assembling and Disassembling
arrow How to Choose Precise tools
arrow Practise - Assembling and Disassembling
arrow Components Identification
arrow Labelling components & Sections
arrow Components Testing
arrow Mobile Peripherals
arrow Sectional testing methods and tips
arrow Strips and Connector issues
arrow Ringer, Ear piece, Vibrator, Mic issues
arrow Camera, Finger print, Sensors issues
arrow Touch & Display - Types & issues
arrow Different types of connector issues
arrow SIM and Memory card slot issues
arrow Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IR issues
arrow Battery and Charging issues
arrow Audio section, RF/Network section, Power section
arrow Dead or Short circuit issues
arrow Tracking through cold and hot testing
arrow Short circuit Identification using short killer
arrow Cleaning using ultrasonic cleaner

Level 4

arrow Introduction to software
arrow How to Flash a mobile
arrow How to Unlock a mobile
arrow How to Root a mobile
arrow What is USB-Debugging
arrow Basic knowledge & Requirements
arrow Drivers & Software Tools
arrow Troubleshoot a Dead issue
arrow Troubleshoot a Auto Shutdown issue
arrow Troubleshoot a Hanging issue
arrow Troubleshoot a Virus issues
arrow Factory Reset, Hard Reset issues
arrow Pattern, Pin, FRP Unlock issues
arrow Flashing tool & Flash files
arrow Brand and Supporting Flash boxes
arrow Legal and Illegal terms, Safety measures
arrow LCD - Separate Glass, Touch and Display
arrow LCD - Glue Removing and Cleaning
arrow OCA - Laminating the Touch and Display

Level 5 ( eMMC )

arrow Fundamental of electronics
arrow Active components
arrow Passive components
arrow Functions of Multimeter
arrow Function of LCR meter
arrow SMD Components checking
arrow Printed Circuit Board
arrow Types of circuits
arrow Sections in motherboard
arrow Introduction to schematic diagram
arrow Combinett pro tool
arrow Borneo tool
arrow Android & Iphone circuit tracking
arrow Jumpering techniques
arrow Under masking jumper techniques
arrow Fundamentals of eMMC
arrow Reballing CPU, eMMC, Power ICs
arrow Glued IC removing & replacing techniques
arrow NAND IC removing and replacing techniques
arrow Tracking eMMC issues
arrow Programming eMMC
arrow Programming tools
arrow Software read write tips and techniques
arrow Concept of FRP lock
arrow New model FRP unlock
arrow Concept of ISP pinout supply testing
arrow Dead boot
arrow Usage of UFI
arrow Usage of UMT PRO
arrow Usage of JTAG PLUS
arrow Expansion of internal memory
arrow Troubleshooting of pattern pin issues and solution
arrow Troubleshooting of MI issues and solution
arrow Troubleshooting of lock issues and solution