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Basics of Computer
Parts of Computer System
Internal parts of Desktop switched mode power supply
Types of Motherboard
Internal parts of Desktop
Internal parts of Laptop
Hardware & Software
Block Diagram of Computer
Troubleshooting of Software’s
BIOS Setup
Formatting, Partitioning & OS installation
Assembling & Disassembling of Desktop
Assembling & Disassembling of Laptop
Identification of major components
Upgrading Hardware
Upgrading Software
Data Recovery
Password Recovery
Introduction of Networking
Types of Networking
About Routers & Switches
Configuration of Routers
Configuration of Switches
Local Area Network
Wired Area Network
Wireless Area Network
Server Configuration and Troubleshooting
Network planning
Troubleshooting of Windows Domain
The Windows Operating System's Role in Networking
Networking OSI model
Networking Base sharing of Data’s, Resources, Storage etc.,